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Until now, sugar has had a bad rap! Industrialised processing produces the white stuff we all know is bad for our teeth, blood-sugar levels and health


Despite the bad-press and high-blood pressure associated with sugar, fresh sugar cane juice is one of Nature's most nutritious foods. The dark-side of sugar: the headaches, the hormonal imbalances and the post-cake come downs lies in the crude processing, bleaching and refinement of the sugar cane crop


Now, after years of painstaking research and development, the secret to pressing and preserving all the goodness from fresh canes has been perfected

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POLICANE is the only sugar to retain all the nutrients,
vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & policosanols found in raw sugar cane juice

World's First Healthy Sugar

3 US Patents for preserving Policosanols in cane juice to naturally lower blood cholesterol


Pristine Sourcing

Exclusively produced in the Blue Zone area of Costa Rica where people are known to live exceptionally long and healthy lives


Policosanol-rich dehydrated sugarcane juice helps improve blood circulation, reduce heart problems & boost immunity

" Our vision is for POLICANE® to nourish, feed and heal the world in the sweetest way possible.
We want to make sugar as it should have been from the very beginning "

Jorge E. Gonzalez U.

Policane Founder and CEO

Refined vs Unrefined Sugar

Breaking the addiction

Refined sugar is incredibly addictive! Sugar activates opioid receptors in the brain relieving pain and suffering. Yet, to keep experiencing opioid induced highs, we crave more and more sugar. Unfortunately, those sweet rewards we innocently give ourselves and our children are dangerously seductive


White, caster, demerara and moscavado sugars have been stripped of their nutrients. Consuming high amounts of heavily processed sugars overloads the liver, raises blood pressure and increases chronic inflammation. Cheap, refined sugars are crippling if you're trying to loose weight, steady your emotions, or steer clear of diabetes


It's time to replace one of the most socially accepted, yet harmful substances of the modern age with the world's healthiest sugar


What makes Policane so special?


From raw stalk to ready-to-use sugar, Policane is the result of incredible attention to detail. For the first time, all the goodness found in fresh sugar cane has been extracted and preserved


White sugar causes liver problems - whereas fresh sugar cane juice is given to cure jaundice and liver-related disorders!


Artisan sugars like Panela and Jaggery typically preserve some of the vitamin and mineral content, but they still miss the secret ingredient responsible for sugar's extraordinary health benefits


Policosanols! It took over 20 years to unlock the mystery and produce a Policosanol-rich sugar. Now, enjoy all the benefits of fresh juice as a delicious, charamelly tasting pure natural sugar


A spoonful a day


Policane is a dehydrated juice extract of fresh sugarcane containing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, & potassium. A spoonful stirred in water helps boost heart health and circulation


Perfect in tea & coffee


Simply replace regular sugar with Policane. Switching from heavily processed sweeteners to the pure juice extract of Policane means you can enjoy hot drinks throughout the day without stressing your body


Cooking with Policane


The policosanol in Policane is heat-stable. You can cook, bake and sweeten everything you love to keep on enjoying all your favourite foods whilst supporting, and not stripping, your body of essential nutrients




“In November of 2022, my wife, who suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s at a stage with impaired cognition, started consuming Policane. Her cognitive abilities have improved substantially. This means she is, at certain moments, able to answer questions correctly that she couldn’t before”…


Jaime Plata, DVM


“At this moment in my life, I can attest that POLICANE with its policosanol content have brought hope to my life to reduce my levels of cholesterol and also to reverse the obstruction in my arteries that could occur with the passage of time”…


Ulises Osegueda, Costa Rica


“I am amazed of all the nutritional benefits and health advantages to consuming Policane. For someone interested in maintaining a healthy body and staying healthy, there is no better choice than Policane!”…


Silvia Serrano


“At the beginning of 2022 I started taking a small spoonful of POLICANE® dissolved in a glass of water with lemon juice, on an empty stomach, every day. I visit my internist every 3 to 4 months (…) On my last visit to the doctor, he told me that in the 8 years or so that he has treated me, only now did I present the best laboratory results”…


Vicky Hugo, Colombia



“I do not know or understand how this remarkable product works… all I know is it has made a phenomenal difference from my son.”…


Janell Mertins

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Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan

Nano Soma


" With our work on nano policosanols, in tandem with Jorge’s work at Policane, the story comes full circle. He has created the world’s best and healthiest sugar. My congratulations to Jorge Enrique Gonzalez for this work ”

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