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We are delighted to offer our new affiliate program, allowing loyal customers and those with networks who wish to help spread the word of Nano Soma to be rewarded. Request an account by using the Sign Up button above, or log in if you already have been accepted for an affiliate account.

We have done our best to answer any questions you might have in the FAQ below:

Affiliate Information

Simply your desire to be an affiliate of this very special product.

You don't even need a website (although having your own website helps). You can promote NANO SOMA via your social media accounts, LinkedIn, by posting in internet forums, uploading and sharing videos or simply through email with friends, family, or your existing clients or customers.

All you need to do is to send a visitor to our site via a special link (called an 'affiliate link'), and if he or she buys anything from us, you will get 20% of the sale value (ex VAT) for their first order and 10% thereafter for life on any subsequent orders they place.

We use a software program ‘UpPromote’ that intergrates with our shopify website. UpPromote uses a combination of cookies and IP addresses to track referrals. When a visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, the affiliate system automatically registers this referral and places a cookie on their computer, which lasts for 60 days. When a visitor places an order, the affiliate system checks for cookies (if not found, checks for IP address of referral) and credits you with the correct commission.

This process is completely automated. All your referrals will be properly tracked.

Once a referral has placed an order, their email address is connected to your account forever, so as long as they continue to use the same email address, the affiliate will continue to recieve commissions from any subsequent orders placed.

UpPromote is used by affiliates world-wide.

20% commission is paid on the net sale value (ex VAT and any other applicable delivery charges) on a customer's first order, excluding purchases of 60 bottle bundles, where 10% commission will be paid.

10% lifetime commission is paid on the net sale value to the original affiliate for any subsequent orders that the same customer places.

Once a customer has placed an order via an affiliate's referral link, they are connected for life, there is no requirement for the referred customer to use the affiliate's link again when purchasing.

Network Commissions:
If you introduce another affiliate to, we have a multi-level tier commission structure set up as follows:

For example; if John signed up as an affiliate, then he invited Victor. Victor invited Michelle and Michelle invited David.

If David brings a referral order with the total amount of $1000 and the commission percentage set to the affiliate program is 10%, then David (Original affiliate) will get the commission of 10% x $1000 = $100.

Other affiliates who are in higher levels will receive network commission as below:

- Commission level 1 (Michelle who invites David) gets 5%

- Commission level 2 (Victor who invites Michelle) gets 4%

- Commission level 3 (John who invites Victor) gets 2%,

The network commission is paid for the life of the sub-affiliates relationship with
Please see the diagram at the bottom of this page for a visual breakdown.

Commissions on Subsidised DHL International Delivery Orders
We offer subsidised rates to our international customers for orders over £75, which encourage international orders to be placed.

As our affiliate system has no access to our DHL account to calculate the actual postage cost we incur, any commissions earnt from these international orders will require manual adjustments before being paid out on the net sale value.

​Should a customer cancel their order or request a refund, if the refund is issued, no commission will be payable.

If a commission has already been approved before​ a refund​ is issued, the​ system will automatically create another referral record with a negative amount to balance​ the affiliate's account​ ​in accordance with the refunded order

We do our best to prevent such occurrences using a 21-day holding period before commissions are approved​ to allow for any cancellations or returns.​

You may choose how your commission payment is paid to you:

1 - Via PayPal: Minimum payout value of £100.
2 - Bank Transfer: Minimum payout value of £250
3 - Store Credit: Minimum Payout of £45

Payments are issued in GBP Pounds and are paid once a month on the 15th.
If you do not meet the threshold for a payment transfer, the amount is carried over into the next month.

When utilising your store credit, please request this by email. The balance on your affiliate account will then be made available to you to redeem as you wish in store credit. When you redeem, you can choose that amount issued to you in the form of a voucher, which is used during the checkout process on our website.

Please note: To allowfor cancelled or returned/refunded orders, there is a 21-day holding period before commissions become released for payment.

Account Information

Setting up an account is very easy and is completely free.  Simply complete the ‘Sign Up’ form at the top of the page. After receiving it, we will review and if approved, you will receive details of how to access your affiliate account.

As an affiliate, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of traffic, the sales you referred, plus news and training materials, and a choice of banners and text links to use.

After your affiliate account is approved, you may then use the banners and links to refer potential customers to our Nano Soma UK website.

Once you have been approved for an account, you can log into the back office where you will find a section called 'Guide' In this section you will find all the info you need to getting started

The affiliate link is a unique URL link which contains the affiliate ID and username so that when a customer uses your link to visit the website, the affiliate tracking programe can track the visitor’s activities on the store.

​Yes, we provide the option to personalise your affiliate link.

However please be aware that if you choose to amend your personalised link after you have given it out, the former personalised link will no longer connect to your account. This means that any referral orders placed on the former link will not be registered. So we strongly advise not changing your personalised link once you have started giving it out.

The affiliate link is provided for the sole purpose of referrals for new customers, and not for the affiliate's own orders. The commission payments are paid out in the recognition of the service the affiliate provides.

Professional influencer accounts are for commercial influencers who actively promote Nano Soma. Customer affiliate accounts are for customers who wish to share Nano Soma with their family and friends etc. If we suspect misuse, for example, if a professional influencer account is being used for just family and friends, rather than promoting Nano Soma on a commercial level, your account will be terminated or downgraded to a customer affiliate account.

Affiliates found to be using links for their own purchases will have their accounts removed.

Our website contains a wealth of information, including:

- Protocol recommendations

- Research papers

- Testimonials, gathered over the course of 10 years since the product was first introduced by Dr. Raghavan

- Ingredient and product information

- UK distributor details for Navi Organics Ltd.

- Delivery costs (free UK postage on all orders)

We also have a Telegram Group which all approved affiliates of Nano-Soma.UK can join. This is where the most up-to-date research, client testimonials and all new product information details will be posted.

Telegram has been chosen to ensure we avoid censorship restrictions and provide you with an easy place in which to access all the new information being released on NANO SOMA.

Any discount offers running on the site will also be detailed here so you have the most up-to-date information to help promote the product to new customers or prompt existing customers to purchase again.

Yes, we reserve the right to terminate, with immediate effect, any affiliate account which we suspect is being abused and used by an individual to buy NANO SOMA at a discounted price.

This also applies to professional influencer accounts. If we suspect misuse, for example, if your account is being used for just family and friends, rather than promoting Nano Soma on a commercial level, your commissions will be declined and your account will be terminated or downgraded to a customer affiliate account.

Your affiliate account may also be either suspended or terminated with immediate effect if you:

- Negatively portray either NANO SOMA or Navi Organics Ltd. 

- Advertise NANO SOMA illegally

- Do anything that could be construed either by a customer or trading standards as inaccurate or misleading advertising - which includes the use of incorrect pricing or product images. 

- Mis-quote research or deliberately mislead a customer regarding the benefits of NANO SOMA

NOTE: depending upon the individual circumstances which lead to your account being terminated, any commission potentially due to you at the time your account was shut-down may not be paid out.

There are a few simple steps to set-up your account: 

1. Complete the ‘Signup Form

2. Once submitted, your application will be manually verified (typically within 24 hours)

3. If successful, you will receive login details via email 

4. Follow the links on the email and login to your unique affiliate panel, orientate yourself with the system and save your unique affiliate link. 

5. Start promoting via your affiliate link to your social media networks, via your website, through email etc. 

6. Commission payments are paid once you have reached the minimum payment threshold on the 15th of every month.

7. Enjoy spreading the word about this wonderful supplement and thank you for being involved.

Recruit new affilates

Multi level commission payments are calculated as this image shows