We are excited to announce our new partnership with Nano Soma and to be an official point of distribution for Nano Soma within the UK. Nano-Soma.uk is part of Navi Organics Ltd. 

We have been at the forefront of sourcing exceptional wellness products for 15 years. Nano Soma is the latest product we've brought to the UK (2021).

Navi Organics was founded to source and produce healthy, simple and life-changing products. We work directly with growers and producers to ensure complete traceability, freshness and are attentive to every detail in all that we do. It is the little things that matter when sourcing, and having personal relationships with all our suppliers means we know exactly where and when your order was first sown, when it was harvested and when it was carefully packaged by us in the Scottish Highlands ready for you to enjoy.

Nature's own remedy

Nano Soma is the perfect complimentary product for our unique range. We believe the way we care for each other and the planet is a beautiful and vital part of living harmoniously.

Nano Soma is a very special product - it assists your body to do what it was designed to do with minimal interference and pure, natural ingredients.

It is safe for children, adults and animals. 

We're delighted to help promote this product and build a community for people, parents and practitioners to discover how Nano Soma may help in acute and chronic cases of disease. Nano Soma is a simple, affordable and effective tool for optimal wellness and an essential tool for any family's first-aid box.

Thank you ♥

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The Navi Organics Team